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The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1931 - 1954) Mon 22 Jun 1953 Page 4.

{quoting snow-relevant and sheoak-relevant text from a longer article}

Out Among the People By Vox

... as I found on Saturday in a talk with Mr. Garfield Burman at the home of his sister, Mrs. E. Collins, at 22 Milner street, Prospect. He told me he would be 67 on July 29, that his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Burman, worked on Ulooloo ... They all lived on that part of the 16,000 acres estate called Wookongarie.

Mr. Burman has seen some ups-and-downs on Ulooloo. 'The 1914 drought was the worst,' he said. 'We cut sheoaks for feed and as soon as the sheep heard the axe going they came running in from all directions.

Mr. Burman's life on Ulooloo has been practically all horsework, either looking after the sheep and boundary fences or destroying foxes. He has been riding all day when the countryside was white with snow; he has knocked accumulated ice off the horse's hoofs twice in a day, has seen snow last a month on Mount Bryan hill and drift 19 ft. deep.

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