Views from the summit of Mt Bryan 22nd September 2013.

Photos and text by Miles Peachfield.

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Above: A three-image panorama looking approx south from Mt Bryan summit along the 6 km Razorback Ridge to Razorback Hill. This is what it looks like to the eye when standing on the summit. For most of its length the Razorback Ridge on its eastern side (left side on your screen) drops steeply to the rolling dissected plain below. On the western side of the Ridge there are some hills and long ridges and valleys that extend up to several kilometres westwards. To see the panorama in its original size go here (opens in the same window) and click on the image that displays, or go to Flickr here (opens in a new window). Taken from the summit of Mt Bryan on 22nd September 2013.


Above: a 6-image panorama taken from the summit of Mt Bryan on 22nd September 2013, covering approximately the eastern half of the compass. To see the full-sized panorama, click on and then click on the image that displays, or go here on Flickr. Some zoom was used for the images that make up this panorama. Go here for a considerably more zoomed in panorama of the same view to the eastwards as the above panorama, or here on Flickr, so you can examine the view in more detail.

The topography on the western round to northern side of Mt Bryan Range is quite complex, and features long ridges running for several kilometres westwards with valleys between them, and other hills and valleys. From the summit plateau of Mt Bryan much of this complex topography is visible and much is obscured by hills and ridges.

The next 8 images below are three-photo mosaics of the topography seen from near the summit of Mt Bryan in approx the western half of the compass, from about south round to about north via west. Each mosaic overlaps and they start from approx the south. I was standing on the western side of the summit of Mt Bryan and from there much of the Razorback Ridge is not visible.The photos making up the mosaics were taken with considerable zoom to get more detail in the scenes.

Firstly here are links to the full-size versions of the 8 mosaics below (may not work in older browsers).

pano 1

pano 2

pano 3

pano 4

pano 5

pano 6

pano 7

pano 8

A full-sized 11 mb panorama made from all 23 images from south round to north can be explored by clicking here
and then clicking on the image that displays, or on Flickr here .

Now below are the same 8 mosaics I've given links to above, reproduced as 8 images that fit the screen.









Below is a 4-photo panorama of the view from near the summit looking northwards. It's photographed from a different location on the summit, so near objects including the stobie pole aren't visible, but there's considerable overlap in the distant scenery with the right side of the last panorama (pano 8) above. The full-scale panorama can be explored by clicking here and then clicking on the image that displays, or on Flickr by clicking here .


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