Snowfalls found with very ususual meteorology.

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Starting this list on 23rd February 2017. Nine events added so far (not in any particular order).

1. "SNOW!!:10th August 2003 Snow in a northerly?!?!?!" 

2. "1907: One event - July 8th-9th isolated reports snow Mid-North wind from northerly quarter!!." 

3. "1900 July 3rd: rare meteorology - reports of snow Flinders Ranges before NSW historic July 5th snow-flood."

4. Recollection by Dr Phil Bagust : "May 18th 1981 snowfall - rare meteorology among records!" 

5. Look for the snow event "A report of snow on July 13th 1903 in the northern Flinders including at Wilpena and seen on nearby Mount Aleck" on the page 

6. "Saturday 1st August 1908: Rare Mid-North and Flinders Ranges "Monsoon Low" snowfall."
"On Saturday 1st August 1908 we saw one of the most unusual snowfall events in South Australia's recorded history. It is by a long stretch the most extensive snowfall I've found yet that wasn't due to a deep and very cold surface to cirrus airstream coming up from the Southern Ocean."

7. "Saturday 25th July 1908 at Hallett and Mount Bryan."
"...this appears to be a rare example of snow falling in South Australia from an airmass that hasn't come up from the deep Southern Ocean."

8. "1879: widespread snowfall during overnight darkness Wednesday 23rd into Thursday 24th July 1879."
Extensive overnight snowfall, heaviest in Mid-North and Flinders Ranges, also reports from southern Mount Lofty Ranges. Rare wind direction for SA snow - from south-east to east. Another rare feature was that snow on a few of the highest northern range tops persisted for days.

9. "1880 July 16th-17th: substantial snowfall Mid-North and Flinders Ranges, no reports found of snow in southern Lofties."
I've not been able to determine the causes of this snowfall either from the newspaper reports or from the Charles Todd folios covering the period of this event. The rather scanty evidence I found suggests there may have been a complex and very unusual meteorological situation over South Australia at the time.

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