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Burra History Group list of snowfalls for Burra 1901-1929 inc.

On the Burra History Group's website "The History of Burra" here there is a section called "SNOW". Their introduction says: "Snow has made an appearance over the years in Burra. The following is a summary from the Burra Record of the various times when snow has fallen." {end of quote}

The period covered appears to be 1901 to 1929 inclusive. Twelve years are listed as having one or more snow events during that period, including "White Sunday" - July 27, 1901. It's not stated in the article whether their annotated list includes all snow events mentioned in the Burra Record. Now that the Burra Record can be searched on Trove, any events that aren't on the list could be found within a reasonable amount of time.

The article says: "Burra had its biggest fall of snow in July 1901. Snow commenced to fall at 9 p.m. on Saturday, 27th July and continued all night and fell intermittently until mid-day on the Sunday, when the sun peeped through and the snow melted. Snow was three feet deep up against some of the buildings and walls and the whole country is described as having looked like a Christmas card." The reference for this 1901 description is given as "(Reference: Burra SS Jubilee Year Souvenir Booklet 1951)".

I think the comment "Burra had its biggest fall of snow in July 1901" would apply to the period in recorded history up to 1901. I don't know if it remains to this day the biggest fall in recorded history. Two earlier big falls were in 1899 and 1888.

There was a fall in 1951 which may have rivalled the 1901 fall. Here's an article in the Burra Record published on Tuesday 24 July 1951 I found in the Trove database.
Burra Record (SA : 1878 - 1954) Tuesday 24 July 1951 Page 1. {quoting entire article}
"SNOWED FOR THREE DAYS The nine days or so up to Sunday was possibly the worst cold period Burra and district has experienced for 50 years. Coincidentally enough, 50 years ago, the year of founding of Federation, Burra had the heaviest fall of snow it has ever experienced. The snow in this town and district which fell on Wednesday and Thursday of last week must have run the 1901 issue rather closely. It set in fairly early on Wednesday morning mantling the house roofs and surrounding hills with white. It continued intermittently throughout the day and night and the place was still snow-covered on Thursday. Snow fell again early on Friday morning. That day it still fell occasionally into the night. There was a severe hailstorm during the afternoon. Intermittent rain helped to wash the snow away and it never attained any great depth. One resident living near Mongolata says that he has never seen Mount Bryan proper "so white" Even the trees on that mount were snow-covered and did not stand out blackly. When the "thaw" came creeks which were flowing freely ran bankers, becoming rushing torrents in the process. The whole district was covered with water. Roads stood up to the strain well and except where new work was in progress no reports of cars becoming bogged down have been received." {end of quote}

I have not found any lists of snowfalls in Burra outside the period 1901 to 1929.

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