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The website "Queensland Snow" by Nicholas Oughton.

A website titled "Queensland Snow" being "An account of Queensland Snowfalls from 1878 by Nicholas Oughton". The address is Queensland Snow.

This is an informative, friendly and easy to read guide to Queensland snow and snowfalls, including discussion on forecasting snowfall in Queensland, comments with graphs on possible trends in snowfalls over the years, and an annotated table titled "A Snow Fall Record for Queensland".

A couple of quotes and a screengrab from the website:

"Snow Chaser’s Guide to Queensland’s Granite Belt and Southern Downs"
"There are ways to forecast snowfall in Queensland using information from weather maps and chatter on social Webb sites. A snow chasers guide to predicting and finding snow in Southeast Queensland" here."

"A Snow Fall Record for Queensland"
"The snowfall record for Queensland from 1878 to date has been compiled from a number of sources including the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Brisbane, newspapers, observer reports, dated photos and my own records. Edited by Nicholas Oughton (revision date15th January, 2016). This record and comments can be found here."

Below: screengrab of part of table:

A book titled: "Snow in and about Stanthorpe in the newspaper records 1863-2010" edited by Robert MacMaurice.

Another source of information about snowfalls in Queensland is a book titled: "Snow in and about Stanthorpe in the newspaper records 1863-2010" edited by Robert MacMaurice. Quoting from the Introduction: "... this book is really about observed snowfalls in Queensland. Stanthorpe though, lives on its reputation for coldness, and so the title". You can find the contents of the book. and some additional records and some comments by Robert and others here: https://weathercycles.wordpress.com/2014/07/23/snow-in-stanthorpe-queensland/

More details on the publication are here http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/5366733
I quote:
"Snow in and about Stanthorpe in the newspaper records 1863-2010 / [edited by Robert MacMaurice]
Bib ID 5366733
Format BookBook
Edition 1st.
Description Stanthorpe, Qld. : Germinal Press, 2011
84 p. ; 21 cm.
ISBN 9780646559438

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