Mt Lofty area - times it's snowed.

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This page is an early work in progress as at 20th March 2017. I'll add more info in due course.

Here's a quote from an article in The Advertiser newspaper reporting on a big snow event on August 18th 1996 when snow fell on Mt Lofty and more widely. Images and text from the article are in my report on the snowfall on this page.

"Bureau of Meteorology technical officer Mr Peter Webb said
"... There hasn't been a fall of this magnitude since July 3, 1984,'' ...
"Snow in the Mt Lofty area had been reported on 137 occasions since 1841. The last fall, in September, 1995, was very brief."
"Usually it just falls and melts, but it was cold enough this morning for it to stay on the ground" Mr Webb said."


End of report.

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