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Above: The Mount Lofty summit from the south, taken from the fire tower.
Photo by Mel Mazzone, source Wikimedia.
Date taken: probably 21 February 2005.
Copyright: see this Wikimedia webpage for copyright information on this image.

Above: A map of the summit area. North is up. The large straw-colored area with "P" is the summit's public car park. A white corridor leading up and turning a bit to the left is the path to the building complex. On the north-west side of the building complex is the white paved outside observation area with the Flinders Column (a white-painted obelisk) marked by six brown tears in a circle. The Discovery Walk is a short walking trail through the natural woodland or forest.
Map copyright information: © OpenStreetMap contributors,

The Summit Restaurant, Cafe and Function Centre.
For information about the Summit Restaurant, Cafe and Function Centre including opening hours, visit

Above: Panorama by Chris Handler. The summit of Mount Lofty in fog and rain on 14th July 2009, with the fire tower almost invisible in the centre background and the much closer Flinders Column (difficult to see with its white paint) on the right.

Above: Mount Lofty Summit is a Sri Chinmoy Peace Summit. Photo by Miles Peachfield 25th July 2009.

Above: A snow shower on 10th August 2008. There's a report on this snow event here. Photo by Miles Peachfield.

Above: A Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus) on the Mount Lofty summit, I photographed on 31st March 2009. I was told by locals that several wild bandicoots lived in the vicinity of the summit at the time. There's a video I took of a bandicoot foraging in the vegetation fringing the summit observation area on the same day here foraging bandicoot.

Above: The Bureau of Meteorology's Mount Lofty automatic weather station. Site details: "Station Details ID: 023842 Name: MOUNT LOFTY Lat: -34.98 Lon: 138.71 Height: 685.0 m", quoted from this Bureau of Meteorology website page. Photo by Chris Handler 14th July 2009.

The Mount Lofty summit is at an altitude of 727 metres (according to Wikipedia) and as mentioned above the automatic weather station is at an altitude of 685 metres (from the Bureau of Meteorology website) and is situated near the television towers.

The name "Mount Lofty".

Here's a letter to the editor by William Milne published in April 1893 relating to the name of the mountain now officially called Mt Lofty. Source: Trove website.
South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), Wednesday 12 April 1893, page 6
"EURILLA, MOUNT LOFTY. TO THE EDITOR Sir— Article No. 18 of 'The Toilers of the Hills," published in the Register of April 1, contains the following:— "It is also a pity that the native name of Mount Lofty (Yu-re- illa) has not been adopted for one of the mansions near the summit." It may afford some satisfaction to the author of these interesting articles to know that when building my house on Mount Lofty some eight years ago I placed myself in communication with my friend the Surveyor-General to ascertain the native name of Mount Lofty with the view of using it as the name of my place; he informed me that it was Yureilla, pronounced Yurilla. The native language not being a written one I did not feel bound to adopt the spelling of the word as given to me so long as I adhered to the correct sound. In selecting the name I therefore took the liberty of spelling it Eurilla, and as such it is known amongst my friends. I am, Sir, &c., WILLIAM MILNE. Eurilla, Mount Lofty, April 7."

APA citation EURILLA, MOUNT LOFTY. (1893, April 12). South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA : 1839 - 1900), p. 6. Retrieved October 26, 2016, from

Flinders Centenary Mt Lofty Column dedication ceremonies

The Advertiser on 24th March 1902 reported on the Flinders Centenary Mt Lofty Column dedication ceremonies. It's quite a long article and if you're interested in the history of the Mt Lofty summit and the Flinders Column and related matters it's well worth reading in full. You can find the article on Trove here

Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), Monday 24 March 1902, page 4

The text of the article begins (I'm quoting the first sentence from the Trove digital rendition copied from the Trove website):

"Henceforth and hereafter," said his Excellency the Governor, standing beside the obelisk on the top of Mount Lofty on Saturday afternoon, "this column shall be known to all men for all generations as 'The Flinders column.' "

Article identifier
Page identifier
APA citation
FLINDERS CENTENARY. (1902, March 24). The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931), p. 4. Retrieved August 9, 2017, from


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