Late season snowfall reports (October to December).

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These are the late-season snowfall reports I've come across so far (to 17th November 2017) and it's very likely there are many more I haven't seen yet in the historical record. I'm defining late season here as after September 30th (ie October to December inclusive). So far I've found ten reports, and I would guess there's at least twenty or thirty more reported in newspapers in recorded history.

Firstly, here are links to eight snow events in Octobers I've reported on elsewhere on this website:

"3rd October 1906: light snow reported from several Mid-North locations".

If the above link fails, go to this page and find the heading "3rd October 1906: light snow reported from several Mid-North locations" down near the bottom of the page.

"1910 - Extensive snowfalls Sunday-Monday October 9-10th."

"Snow showers on Mt Lofty and elsewhere in SA 11th October 2012"

"October 1899 snow reports."

"21st October 1995 snow falls in the Flinders Ranges and Mid North.".

"1949 October 30th: a light snowfall reported on Mt Lofty summit."

"1946 October 14th Monday: Snow reported at Mount Remarkable, Mt Lofty and Crafers."

Look for "1858 Tuesday 19th October: Adelaide? and what I deduce was Tuesday 19th October: Riverton" (near bottom of page)

Now here are links to four November snowfall records I've reported on elsewhere on this website:

"1913 November 4th Tuesday: A light fall of snow reported."

"1916 Two November Snowfalls: 4th and 13-15th."

"1949 November 3rd: snow on Mt Lofty and reported at Clare."

Here's the link to a snow event in a December I've reported on elsewhere on this website:

"3rd December 1936 yes December- reports of snow falling in the Mid-North!".

Now for a link to a report dated December 3rd 1910 of snow having fallen during the past few days at Shannon on Eyre Peninsula:


End of above list of all late season snow events (October to December inclusive) I currently know about as at November 19th 2017.


Comments on the rarity of November snowfalls.

These comments are based on my 1916 November 13-15th snowfall writeup which you can find here

On Tuesday 14th November 1916 The Register published a story written by a reporter who visited the Adelaide Bureau of Meteorology Observatory on that Tuesday afternoon and interviewed Mr Bromley the Divisional Meteorologist.

Source: The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Wed 15 Nov 1916 Page 4.

"... on Tuesday afternoon I went down to the Observatory, and asked Mr. Bromley a lot of questions. ... "Anyhow," I insisted, "there has never been snow so late as November 13 before?" Mr. Bromley ran his eye over what seemed like acres of figures. ... "No," he admitted, ... This is certainly the latest date on which snow has ever been reported, and our records go back to 1841. Three years ago there was a light fall of snow on November 4, in the Mount Lofty Ranges.
... on November 4, 1913 ... snow was reported from Mount Lofty."

This account was reworded a bit in an article in The Advertiser published on Wednesday 15th November 1916.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA : 1889 - 1931) Wed 15 Nov 1916 Page 6.

"Our records go back as far as 1841," remarked Mr. E. Bromley (officer in charge
of the Meteorological Bureau) last night, "and I find that on no other occasion have
we had snow so late in the season." Mr. Bromley was referring to the falls of snow
experienced on Monday at Mount Lofty summit, and also at Forest Range. The
only other record of snow falling in November that he had was on November 4,

One thing we are left wondering is whether Mr Bromley could find no Bureau records of snow falling in November before November 4th 1913, or no records of snow falling in November before November 13th 1916. Either way the reported comments of Mr Bromley give us an important guide to the rarity of South Australian Bureau snow records in November between 1841 and 1916 which is a period of about 75 years.


End of "Late season snowfall reports."


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