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The website "Blackheath Weather" at created and run by L. Graham.

"Welcome to Blackheath Weather. Blackheath is a village high in the world heritage listed Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia." ... "Blackheath Weather is a community forecasting site, originally developed in the 1990s to fill the need for more detailed, Blue Mountains forecasts." (quotes from the "About us")

This complex multifaceted weather website includes a section called "Snow Chasing" and an "Extensive Snow Data Base for Upper Blue Mountains" with a detailed chart summarising:
(compiled from publicly available online Newspaper Archives & other online sources)
Work in Progress
Compiled by: SnowChaserAustralia

To find the Snow Data Base from the home page, click on the link "Snow Chasing" and when that page displays, click on the link "Historical Snowfalls". Or click on this direct link (active on 14th August 2017).

For anyone interested in Australian weather websites or in Australian snowfalls and snowfall history I recommend exploring this website!

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