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1989 snow reports found in Newstext database.

In summary, I found:
(1) reports of light snow in the Mt Lofty Ranges from Heathfield, Bridgewater, Mount Lofty and Stirling on Monday 7th August.
(2) The Bureau received reports of snow from Stirling and Uraidla on Sunday 10th September.
(3) Light snow was reported at Happy Valley and Reynella on Thursday 26th October but the duty forecaster Mr Stuart Gibbs said the "snow'' was probably soft hail.

I'm restricted in what I can quote from Newstext for copyright reasons but these quotes below of some text contain most or all of the references to snow in the articles.

The News Edition 3 - Red Spot MON 07 AUG 1989, Page 001 "Snow in the Hills Snow was reported falling in several areas of the Adelaide Hills this morning. Residents from Heathfield and Mt Lofty said the snow started falling about 7am. Most melted as it hit the ground but slight coverings were reported on lawns at Mt Lofty.

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The Advertiser Edition 2 - MetroTUE 08 AUG 1989, Page 003 "Hail...it's an icy welcome for newborn colt" "... there were reports of snow at Bridgewater, Mount Lofty and Stirling. A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said the snow reports were "unofficial'' but the first for the year. "From what we can gather, some flakes were seen during a rain/hail shower in the Bridgewater area although they did not reach the ground,'' he said. He said yesterday's cold snap was caused by a pool of cold air which followed a front that passed through Adelaide on Sunday night."

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The News Edition 3 - Red Spot MON 11 SEP 1989, Page 005 "3-State storm havoc By DAVID BLAND; SEAN WHELAN Storms and torrential rain continued to sweep areas of three States today after causing widespread destruction yesterday. In SA, a man was killed, houses were unroofed and some areas flooded. The SA Bureau of Meteorology received reports of snow at Stirling and Uraidla in the Adelaide Hills. ... The storm casualty, a professional fisherman, 46, drowned when he tried to secure his 5m dinghy about 100m offshore after it had been forced loose in rough conditions, at Smoky Bay, near Ceduna, about 8.20am yesterday."

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The Advertiser Edition 2 - MetroFRI 27 OCT 1989, Page 001 "A suburban "snowfall" Residents in Adelaide's southern suburbs last night reported snow as a south-westerly airstream forced a dramatic plunge in temperatures. Light snow was reported at Happy Valley and Reynella, but Adelaide weather bureau duty forecaster Mr Stuart Gibbs said the "snow'' was probably soft hail. "It's associated with a south-westerly airstream that's coming through at the moment," he said." ... "We've been tracking the airstream on the radar and it appears the hail has come out of a thundercloud, which is not consistent with snowfall," he said."

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