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1988 Snow Events.

I found only one snow event in 1988, using the Newstext database as my sole source. (See the footnote below for some information on what Newstext does not include.)

The two major South Australian papers in the Newstext database for 1988 were The Advertiser (whole year), and the Sunday Mail (commenced August 1988). I searched the database using a variety of search keywords, for the period April 1st to December 1st 1988, and found one article mentioning snow falling in South Australia. I didn't search any of the Messenger newspapers in the database as experience tells me that is not a fruitful source of snow references.

The quoted text below includes the only references to snow in the article. There was no mention of snow falling at any specific location eg Mt Lofty.

The Advertiser
"Edition 2 - MetroSAT 06 AUG 1988, Page 001
Hills motorists on a slide in bad weather

"Motorists slipped, slid and crashed all over ice-covered roads in the Hills yesterday as Adelaide had the year's coldest winter day of snow, hail, sleet and chilling winds."
"In one hour yesterday afternoon - from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. - the temperature fell by nearly five degrees from 12C to 7.2C. Sleet and snow which froze on sections of the South-Eastern Freeeway caused chaos during the afternoon peak period ...".

Footnote: It says on the www.newstext.com.au website:
"What is not included in the archive?
Newstext is an editorial text-only archive. Some text - not much, but some - has been filtered out because of legal or copyright reasons. Newstext does not contain photographs, graphics, advertisements, classified ads, public notices, cartoons, tables and the like. ... "

I was not able to find any Bureau of Meteorology weather reports or weather maps on Newstext so I presume they are among the items not included in the database for South Australian papers.

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