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1986 snow reports.

First a brief note on the newstext database on the website . "Newstext contains nearly 30 million articles from 150 News Corporation newspapers worldwide". 1986 is the earliest year South Australian publications appear on the database, and The Advertiser is the only paper in the database for 1986. A notice on the website says "Newstext will be closing on 30 June 2015". When this happens, to the best of my knowledge there won't be any digital database of SA News Corporation newspapers (most notably The Advertiser) on the internet. Update 25th June 2016: Newstext has duly closed and has disappeared from the internet.

Now to snow events in 1986. I searched the Newstext database using a variety of search keywords from 1st April to 1st December 1986 and found reference to only one snow event, on 8th July. It was reported in The Advertiser that Adelaide's maximum temperature was only 8.6C at 3pm, the lowest maximum since 8.4 degrees in 1879.

Other key information in the article is given below. It's pretty sketchy coverage and I hope some of the local newspapers of the day not on the Newstext database have given more extensive coverage of any snow in their districts. One wonders for example if snow fell on the Mt Bryan Range or anywhere in the Flinders Ranges and the Barossa Ranges and on some of the highest ground in the southern Mt Lofty Ranges (apart from Mt Lofty) such as Snowtown and Crafers and Stirling.

I don't have any other information on this snow event, nor do I have any recollection of it.

The Advertiser, Edition 2 - MetroWED 09 JUL 1986, Page 001
Headline: "'s a cold snap...snap... "

"Adelaide's maximum yesterday was recorded at 3 p.m. ... 8.6C, only 0.2 degrees warmer than the city's record coldest day in 1879 when the maximum was 8.4C. But for most of the day, the temperature hovered between 6C and 7C before plunging to a minimum of 4.9C at 6 p.m. The overnight minimum had been 5.8C at 7.40 a.m."
"... there were hail and snow in many parts of the State."
"... large snowflakes fell in the Adelaide Hills but melted as they hit the ground."
"In the Mid North snow falls ... capped the Marion Ranges with white peaks.The heaviest falls were reported in the farming centres of Belalie and Mannanarie, near Jamestown, and Peterborough and Yongala also recorded light falls."
"Mrs Dawn Dawes, of Belalie, said snowflakes ... began to fall soon after 7.30 a.m. and continued intermittently until about 9.30 a.m." "When it was at its best it was two inches thick on the ground,'' she said." "The hills were white for miles.''
"Miss Cherry said it was the first time snow had fallen in Peterborough since July 23, 1984."

Footnote: Here's a quote from the Newstext database relating to June 1989.
"The Advertiser, 02-06-1989, Ed: 2 - Metro, Pg: 003, 200 words ,
Adelaide shivered through the coldest June day for 67 years with the arrival of winter yesterday. The mercury crept to only 9.7C, the coldest June day since 9.3C was recorded in 1922."

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